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SUNSY surfboard offers a surfboard range designed and tested by surfers.

SUNSY surfboard is the product of many years of experience in manufacturing “watermen” equipment. A skill which results in our knowledge of composite materials and new manufacturing processes.

We use the latest vacuum assembly technology for SUNSY surfboard that gives a premium quality.

Our desire is to provide reliable equipment that precisely responds at its function for each SUNSY surfboard rider.

Our team composed by surfers’ testers, surf schoolteachers and specialists in composite technologies, designs the models.

Each new shape, or accessories is available for validation in our test center partners. And with the feedback from field users, we are advancing SUNSY surfboard.

Choose Sunsy is the assurance of having a quality board.



(+33) 6 67 21 31 32


22 rue jean baptiste Castaing
64340 Boucau